Hire our Hollywood framed Selfie Mirror with red carpet and ropes from our Galway-based Selfie Mirror rental service! Everything you need for a wedding or a party is included in the Selfie Mirror. Prints for your memory book and guest prints are included in this package deal. We’ll send you the digital images from your event when it’s over too!


We used this company to hire a selfie mirror for my birthday celebration. I found the Selfie Mirror I got to be better than I was hoping. Happy from beginning to end: The Selfie Mirror was a huge success for me. I’d want to personally thank Selfie Mirror Galway, for being so responsive and accommodating. Thank you so much for making my celebration so wonderful!

Sarah lives in Galway City.


For any occasion in County Galway, our Selfie Mirrors are a great way to capture memories and have some fun. If you’re planning a wedding, birthday, or business event in the West and are interested in renting a Selfie Mirror, please fill out the form below for a quote.

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Get the best selfie mirror for your wedding or party in Galway from us today.

Hire a Selfie Mirror from us for your next party and be certain that your guests will be entertained to the fullest extent possible.

Our Magic Selfie mirror

Our Selfie Mirror is of Quality design bringing style to any event.

Selfie Mirror Booth is a new type of photobooth. Customers are raving about this new product, the Selfie Mirror. The touch screen reflecting screen of this glitzy Selfie mirror catches full-length images. Once you’ve posed, use the on-screen instructions to personalize your images. Within ten seconds, your photos will be printed out on quality photo paper.
One full-length portrait 6×4′′ print or numerous portraits on a single print are also available. The Selfie Mirrors allow you to customize the layout of several prints. Customize your photographs before the event by choosing a template, a message, and a logo if you really like. All is possible with the Selfie Booth.

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Selfie Mirror Galway offers Selfie Mirror hire in Galway as well as a full range of fun photo and video experience products that are great for weddings, parties, corporate awards and brand experience events. Our wide range of products include; Photo Booths, GIF Booths, Video Booths, Selfie Mirrors, Event Photographers, Magic Mirrors…

We provide Selfie Mirror hire to the City of Galway, Galway County, Mayo Selfie Mirror, Roscommon Selfie Mirror, Clare Selfie Mirror, Connacht Selfie Mirror and surrounding areas. PhotoBooth Galway covers the whole of Ireland so no matter where your event is, please get in touch.

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Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have if you can’t find the answer here:

You simply touch the screen to start, pose & smile then wait 10 seconds and collect your instant printouts from the front. It really is that easy.

Selfie Mirror Galway have a wide range to choose from but we are also happy to customize.

Yes you can choose what type of effect you would like.

Our guest books are a great way to remember your special event.  Your guests get to put their pictures and personal messages into a guestbook, then you can view all the special moments afterwards.

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