Wedding Dance Floors

For the most exciting day of your life – nothing will “wow” your guests like a sparkling white LED dance floor.

Our top quality wired LED starlit dance floors are fitted with bright white twinkling LEDs which are embedded into a smooth white surface.

Our dance-floors settings are also programmable enabling various LED light patterns and speeds. This can greatly enhance the atmosphere – creating the look and feel that is personal to you. You can choose static, or flash and twinkle, or for something  totally unique – lights can synchronize to the beat of your first dance.  

In reality, in photos, and in videos, these dance floors look truly magical!

With our white LED floors flexible in size by 2ft measurements, they can be provided and installed into nearly every venue, marquee or event location. Whether you require a small, or large floor, square or rectangular, our team will deliver on time and professionally install, creating a fantastic focal and talking point at your event.

Each floor is delivered, installed and polished and later removed from your venue by our fully trained, efficient and friendly team.

Our dance-floor range  can be laid in any size formation that comprises from 2ft x 2ft panels. Square and rectangular sizes are the most popular, however, long runways and tee (“T”) formations can also be created for events such as fashion shows, exhibitions, & civil ceremonies.

Wedding Dance Floor

Our most popular imperial square sizes are as follows.

  • 12ft x 12ft – Suitable for upto 35-45 dancers
  • 14ft x 14ft – Suitable for upto 45-55 dancers
  • 16ft x 16ft – Suitable for upto 60-70 dancers
  • 18ft x 18ft – Suitable for upto 75-90 dancers
  • 20ft x 20ft – Suitable for upto 95-130 dancers

WEDDING DANCE FLOORS are perfect for…

  • Weddings & Civil Partnerships
  • Corporate Events
  • Black Tie Events
  • School & University balls
  • Themed Parties
  • Product Launches
  • 18ths, 21st, 30th, 40th, & 50th Birthday Celebrations
  • Exhibitions
  • Marquee events
  • Christmas & New Year Events

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